Ground-breaking changes in immigration law

A project on the Employment of Foreigners Act is currently at the stage of government proceedings. The changes to the immigration law provide for, in particular:

  1. processing of matters related to obtaining a work permit in electronic form only
  2. liquidation of the labour market test (Starosta’s information on the local labour market)
  3. the working time of a foreigner cannot be less than ¼ full-time or 10 hours a week,
  4. the work permit may be changed if a foreigner performs work under different conditions than those specified in the permit
  5. the amount of remuneration of a foreigner may not be lower than: a) the amount of remuneration of employees performing work of a comparable type or on a comparable position and b) the amount of the minimum wage for work.

The project, with its simpler procedures and its adaptation to the needs of the labour market, has the potential to be a suitable successor to the existing provisions.