Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day

Every year on 23 March is celebrated Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day. It commemorates more than 1,000 years of brotherly relations between two great nations.

Polish-Hungarian relations abounded in great figures who made a permanent impression on history. These included:

General Jozef Bem – Commander-in-Chief of the Hungarian Uprising of 1848-1849, National Hero of Poland, Hungary and Turkey,

Pal Teleki – Prime Minister of Hungary , who refused to take part in the attack on Poland that was being prepared by Germany. He said that: “he would sooner blow up his own railway lines than take part in the invasion of Poland”.

Stefan Batory – one of the most distinguished Polish kings

Polish-Hungarian relations, are not only about great personalities, but also about ordinary people. During World War II, the Hungarians helped more than 100,000 Polish civilian and military refugees, including many children. In 1956, Poles donated blood in great numbers for Hungarians fighting the Soviets and provided 44 tonnes of bandages and medicines.

Polak, Węgier, dwa bratanki | Lengyel, magyar – két jó barát

We wish ourselves and our Hungarian brothers another 1000 years of friendship!