Amendment to the Law on Aid to Citizens of Ukraine

The President signed an amendment to the Act on Aid to Citizens of Ukraine. In addition to the increased financial contribution of Ukrainian refugees to their maintenance in Poland, widely reported in the media, the amendments apply in a fundamental way to the legalisation of their stay and include:

  1. imposing an obligation on Ukrainian citizens to obtain a PESEL number
  2. the sanctioning of the electronic document as a residence permit, which, together with a travel document, entitles Ukrainian citizens to cross the border without the need to obtain a visa
  3. extending the period of validity of documents confirming the legality of the stay of citizens of Ukraine in Poland until 24 August 2023, if the last day of their validity was from 24 February 2022
  4. liquidation of the temporary residence permit issued to citizens of Ukraine under the simplified procedure;
  5. the establishment of a protective solution for citizens of Ukraine, which is the granting of a temporary residence permit for a period of 1 year in the circumstances specified in the Act, until 24 August 2023
  6. the revocation, as of 24 August 2023, of the provisions extending the legality of the stay of foreigners in connection with COVID-19