Why with us?

To meet the needs and interests of our clients we decided to extend our services and offer you a wide variety of Polish language courses!

Why our offer is so unique?

We have operated for 17 years in the area of the migration law and we know exactly, what our clients need in terms of Polish language and culture!

Our courses have been developed on the basis of individual needs of our students. Therefore we are always open to adapt the program to your specific goal!

What makes our offer unique is tailor-made classes!

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Our teachers have years of experience in teaching foreigners Polish language. They will help you not only explore the secrets of the language, but also deal with the cultural and social aspects of living in Poland, all that in pleasant atmosphere. 

Depending on your needs, we offer classes in mini-groups (2-6 people) or individual lessons. 

Contact us and we will prepare an offer tailored to your needs and abilities!

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А1 – А2

You have just arrived in Poland and would like to learn basic phrases to feel comfortable and safe? Or maybe you have been here for some time, but you did not have opportunity to learn about our culture and language?

Contact us! We will teach you how to cope in everyday situations!

We recommend the basic level course to those people for whom it will be their first or one of the first meetings with the Polish language!

If you want to learn the basic phrases that will help you do the shopping, order at a restaurant or cope with any other everyday situation during your short stay in Poland, this is course exactly for you!

If you intend to stay in Poland for longer time, it will be an excellent introduction to learn language at higher level.

В1 – В2

You have been in Poland for a long time or you have just arrived, but you are somehow familiar with the Polish language? In the near future you would like to take exams allowing you to study in Polish or you are thinking about obtaining Polish citizenship, but you are not sure whether your Polish good enough?

Welcome to the course at the intermediate level! Thanks to these lessons you will not have any problems understanding written and oral texts. They will also allow you to easily express yourself. Therefore, you will gain the knowledge necessary to pass the exams, both those related to citizenship, as well as the others.

C1 - C2

Do you live and work in Poland? You know Polish well, but it is not enough for you? Maybe your work or studies require mastering it? Or maybe you just felt in love with our culture and would like to continue exploring its secrets by learning the language?

We will make it possible for you by inviting you to participate in the course at advanced level!

This course will allow you to express yourself fluently and precisely and to understand even the most complex newspaper articles. Above all, it will give you the confidence that you have perfectly fit in the new environment by becoming a part of it.

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