Company formation in Poland

If you want to run a business, but you do not know which form you should choose, you can ask for our advice. We will prepare all documents and help you to go through company formation in Poland. We offer registered office address, but we can also send correspondence to the address specified by you. We will deal with all matters concerning the legalization of work and stay for your foreign employees if you want to hire them. We will help you in many other cases. Remember that you can count on us. If we can not directly help you, we will indicate someone who will be able to deal with your problems.

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Selling a company

If you want to quickly start a business in Poland, we recommend the purchase of the  Company which has already been registered. companies offered us are not burdened by any obligations. If you buy a company from us you can be sure that it will be tailored to your needs. We are not only interested in selling the company, but also in your satisfaction and long-term cooperation in the field of the other services that we can offer.

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Do you run a  business and you want to change something? It frequently happens that these changes need to be notified to the register. This applies to both limited liability companies and partnerships and also to the activities carried out in person. To make the changes you need a proper form and proper preparation of documents. Whether it will be a change of address, name, board, partner, business profile, increase or decrease in capital or transformation, it is worthwhile to use the help of an experienced adviser. Our company will help you go through the complete process quickly and efficiently, and this is just the beginning of what we can offer.

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Business Registration

There is no possibility to register an economic activity on the principle of "one window" in Poland. If you decided to start your own business, then you have to consider your decision seriously from the very beginning.  The most significant thing is to choose the right form of taxation, accounting, insurance conditions, etc. Of course, there are many other issues that you should think about, however you have to remember that your investment should be returned and should start to be profitable as soon as possible.

An economic activity is a very interesting form of business for so-called "freelancers", and it applies not only to Polish citizens, but also foreigners who are the citizens of the European Union and the US, or those who have a resident status, a residence or a settlement permit in Poland. If you decided to register any kind of economic activity, feel free to contact us. We can discuss all the details together.  

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Virtual Office

Virtual Office is a convenient and economically rational form of running business for anyone who does not want to bear the high costs of office rent. We can receive and send your correspondence to the specified address. However, if you are interested in obtaining it in electronic form, we can open, scan and send all your mail notifications via email.

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Complete Reporting form

The service is realizing in complete scope. Handing us maintain the complete reporting form, you can pay attention to the current activities of the company, as you no longer need to hire or train new employees, what in fact saves your valuable time. The list of subjects required to maintain complete reporting form is very long.  Aside from legal entities (limited liability companies, joint-stock companies and limited (kommendit) companionship), branches and representative offices of foreign companies, more often than not also applies of partnerships (general partnerships and limited partnerships) and individuals, realizing business activities.

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Revenue and Expenditure

This is simple type of records intended for individuals who engaged in:

  1. Individual business activity *
  2. The business activity in the form of:
  • A general partnership,
  • A full opening partnership,
  • Partnership

Whose incomes of entrepreneurial activities is impose a tax according of the general rules (proportional or progressive taxation) if their net revenue is not accounted ≥ 1 200 000 EUR in PLN. We provide this service in complete scope relying on the individual needs and characteristics of business activities of our clients.

* Refers to the Polish citizens and nationals of the Member States of the European Union, the members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) - parties to the Agreement on

EEA and foreign persons from countries which are not party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, which derive benefit from the freedom of entrepreneurial activity based on agreements concluded by further States to the European Union and individual members

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HR and Payroll Services

Service can be carried out comprehensively or in selected aspects of human resources or payroll. We provide full service of remuneration of employees like payroll records and conducting personnel files. We also transfer contributions and deal with relevant authorities (Tax Office and Social Insurance Office). Providing our HR services we take into consideration the specificity of hiring foreigners. We also support individuals employing domestic servants, nannies and workers. We also have an interesting offer for members of the liberal professions and work under contracts. We make submissions to voluntary health insurance in the NFZ (National Health Fund) and conduct a monthly service. With our help you can apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

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Annual tax declarations

All taxpayers at a specific time for the different groups have to submit the annual tax declarations. This applies to both residents and non-residents. Often, due to the complexity of the issues associated with the preparation of annual tax declaration, a popular PIT require an individual approach, which applies to both Polish citizens and foreigners.

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Balancing books

The service begins with the audit of the accounting records or personnel payroll and finishes with making appropriate adjustments and adapting them to the existing legislation. The aim is to avoid the pay by taxpayer penalties and minimize the consequences associated with the discovery of irregularities by the tax authorities.  Balancing books focuses on the accounting and payroll, and the scope of insurance.

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Thanks to our experience gained while serving foreigners from around the world and we have created a database of proven and experienced translators. We translate both regular and certified, written and oral from and into all the languages of the world. We always specify the price before translating which means that our clients are never surprised by it. Our experience and respect for the customer made in the first place we put the satisfaction of the latter with the work done.

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